Coronavirus live updates: Cases surge again in China; more than 1,700 medical workers infected

The latest: With another 5,000 reported Friday, the number of cases in mainland China has now surged past 63,000. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the 15th case of coronavirus in the United States.

Are you in isolation or quarantine because of the coronavirus? We want to hear about it. Have you seen or experienced any discrimination, racism or xenophobia connected to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic? Share your story.

Mapping the spread of the new coronavirus: The United States, Germany, Sri Lanka, France, Cambodia, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Vietnam, Macao and South Korea have all confirmed cases of the infection.

What is coronavirus and how does it spread? Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses whose effects range from causing the common cold to triggering much more serious diseases, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. Here’s what we know so far.

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