Phuket, Andaman coast issued ‘Summer Storm Warning’

PHUKET: The Thai Meteorological Department Southern Meteorological Center (West Coast), based near Phuket International Airport, has issued as “Summer Storm Warning” for all provinces along the Andaman coast.

The warning, issued for tomorrow through next Monday (March 14-18) is for Ranong, Phang Nga, Phuket, Trang and Satun.

“A high pressure system from China will cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea. In Thailand, temperatures will be hot, which can cause summer storms in many areas,” the warning said.

“The Southern West Coast region (along the Andaman coast) will have thunderstorms. These storms will be very windy and heavy rain, and possibly hail in some areas,” the warning added.

The Phuket office of the TMD (“Phuket Met”) urged people to beware of any impending storms and to avoid open areas where people may be exposed.

“Beware taking cover under big trees, and poorly constructed buildings and big signs and billboards.” the warning added.

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“Also be careful of dangerous lighting,” the warning said.

Farmers were urged to take what measures they could to prepare for the storms.

All boat captains were also urged to exercise caution as waves during thunderstorms were forecast to reach up to two to three metres.

“Fisherman please sail the boat carefully,” the warning said.

“All people are urged to please closely follow all announcements by the Thai Meteorological Department,” the warning added.

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