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The crew of two Su-24M attack aircraft from the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation and air defence force simulated the enemy in the drills. These frigates are aimed at destroying the enemy surface ships and vessels, submarines and ground installations. They are armed with missiles which are able to strike targets from a distance of 2,600 km.

The US defence officials have expressed concern about Kalibr’s long reach in the past.

The fleet’s press office said: “In accordance with the combat training plan, the crew of the Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Essen is holding a series of shipborne drills with missile and artillery firings in the Black Sea.

“At the first stage of the drills involving a naval battle, the sailors conducted artillery fire against a sea target and practiced the algorithm of actions to strike a notional enemy’s surface ship by the Kalibr missile system with electronic launches.

“The ship has deployed to the sea as part of the mandatory course of the crew’s training, which stipulates accomplishing assigned missions by a sole ship upon its deployment to the sea.”

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Kremlin officials said the warship successfully struck ISIS command and control centres as well as ammunition depots on several occasions.

The Admiral Essen measures 124.8 meters in length and displaces 3,620 tons.

Last summer, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia will continue to strengthen its forces around the Black Sea in order to “neutralize the security threat in the Black Sea region from NATO.”

A recent report revealed that new Russian warships would be fitted to carry hypersonic missiles.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the Russian Navy would increase the number of warships capable of carrying Tsirkon hypersonic missiles.

In November, it emerged that Putin was getting ready for “state versus state war” after two Russian attack submarines were revealed to have carried out “duelling” exercises in waters north of Scotland.

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