Westworld Certainly Proves the Park’s Location

Since Westworld premiered in 2016, observers have questioned where Delos’ six sprawling topic parks are placed. In the Season 1 end, Finish subtitles seemed to fall away coordinates that fans followed back to the Spratly Islands, in the South China Sea. Still, nothing was ever proved.

But with the Season 3 premiere, believers have got recognition as Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard Lowe, soon a fugitive attempts to respond to the site of the massacre.

The coordinates could easily have been an error or misdirection. Admitted, the HBO drama before mentioned China’s military and naval fleet, and Chinese military parts make cameos, but it’s hard to take anything on a program built on deceit. However, if we had to risk a guess, the coordinates noted a lot of islands for parks to be made on, so it could simply have been pleasant. Confirmation from Bernard, of all people, though, can be considered gospel.

In “Parce Domine,” Bernard is in hiding after being released from Westworld by Dolores. Oddly enough, he’s not in cover, but it looks as if Dolores wanted a scapegoat for the bloody rampage, and with everything closed on “the rogue programmer that created the robots touched,” Bernard is the ideal abstraction.

That is till two of his co-workers at a synthetic-meat farm understand who he is. Receiving his roof is blown, and what Dolores is planning in the outer world.

That announced, most of the uncertainty has been removed, and it will be exciting to see how Bernard gets inside. It doesn’t look to be a one-way journey, given that he’s selecting to pursue Dolores, so possibly this friend is Maeve, who’s attached in Warworld. It could even be Ashley Stubbs, the parking enforcer who assigned in Season 2 that he too is a host. One thing is for real, yet: This friend has to be a helpful asset for Bernard to chance going back to his early stomping areas.

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